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Feb 10
Catering to Students: An Unconventional Approach

Category: Student

The one-size-fits-all approach might work with headbands and wooly hats. But in the multifamily industry, there are very few cookie-cutter solutions. A key component to creating a user-friendly experience, for both prospects and existing residents, is to develop catered solutions based on the type of resident you’re aiming to attract. Yet many multifamily operators go…
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Feb 3
Finding a Solution to the Student Housing Pricing Challenge

Category: Technology

Apartment operators have pricing structures for conventional homes down to a fine-tuned science.  For the student-housing sector, well … not so much.  On the conventional side, virtually every price-related contingency plan has been created and successfully implemented. The industry has a deft understanding of when to raise and reduce rental rates, adjust for seasonal factors…
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Jan 30
Empowering Maintenance Teams: Tech Tools Can Help Them Prosper

Category: Residents, Technology

Many claim that maintenance teams are the backbone of an apartment community. Effective maintenance teams play a pivotal role throughout the resident lifecycle, and often serve as a renewal driver. As such, it’s only fitting to provide these teams with the tech tools they need to flourish. 

Jan 17
Waiting on Bitcoin

Category: Technology

Waiting on Bitcoin Reliability the Right Move for Multifamily Though wave after wave of new smart-home technology and automated property management systems seem to continually reshape the multifamily landscape, the apartment industry has taken a careful approach to certain facets of innovation.  Often opting to wait and see as other sectors serve as guinea pigs…
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Jan 6
A Look Ahead to 2020

Category: Newsletters, Technology

Technology will continue to enhance connections and the human experience. When we began a new decade in 2010, it seemed far-fetched to think that paper processes would largely become archaic by the end of the decade. The term “smart home” hadn’t yet been unearthed, and concepts such as resident portals, chatbots and automation were several…
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Dec 20
Innovation Pushed Boundaries, Renters Remained Active in 2019

Category: Technology

Some insisted that the multifamily sector would lag behind the technology curve. Others believed the industry was bound for a slowdown.  2019 begged to differ.  The industry continued to innovate at a frenetic pace in the final year of the decade, as artificial intelligence, intuitive property management systems, virtual reality and advanced cybersecurity measures continued…
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Nov 25
Facebook Marketplace

Category: Marketing, Technology

Did you know that more than 1 in 3 people on Facebook in the US use Marketplace each month?* As an easy, convenient way to buy and sell everything from vehicles to furniture to tools locally, buyers and sellers can connect with just a few clicks. This powerful tool is developing some serious implications for…
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Nov 12
Entrata’s Jones Family Reunion

Category: Values

This past week was Entrata’s 7th annual employee appreciation week affectionately known as the Jones Family Reunion. This year the week was packed with great activities from discovering our inner Bob Ross painting skills to racing slot cars until our fingers hurt to massages and spa treatments, and finally, relaxing. Throughout the week, people from…
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Nov 11
Packages incoming!

Category: Newsletters, Residents

Your residents are shopping online more than ever. As the holiday shopping season ramps up, get help connecting them to all of their stuff with ParcelAlert.

Oct 9
Entrata’s New Reporting Framework

Category: Management, Newsletters, Summit

Whenever Entrata takes on a new technology project, we start with the research. Many of our clients participate in interviews, we observe their processes and listen to their ideas. Then the design work begins. After bringing stakeholders and strategy teams together to hammer out priorities, prototypes are built and tested with users, leading to the…
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